The movie titled Saving Private Ryan is an epic film set during the invasion of Normandy during the Second World War. The director of the movie was Steven Spielberg and the producers included Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn, and Ian Bryce and was released on July 24, 1998.  The main subject that the film covers is the Second World War and the sacrifices that American soldiers made to save the lives of their fellow citizens.

John H. Miller, the head of his platoon goes out to the war tone zone to get Ryan after three of his brother had died in the battle, and their mother was devastated by the situation. One of the most interesting facts about the film is the fact that it depicted realistic battle scenes through the performance of the actors.  The film having its storyline basing on war manages to examine the practical things that happen in the war in an intelligent manner. During the battles, the soldiers fight with all their might to try to survive, become better people and protect their members as well. The film also reveals that most of the soldiers were spiritual because they prayed sincerely before going for the battles. One of the snipers depicts mental instability most probably caused by the war and for this reason, he always prays each time he kills a man. Additionally, the movie addresses numerous themes such as courage, manhood, and disregard for human life among others. The soldiers portray courage from the fact that they do not stop fighting to protect their country and are always ready to die for it. American soldiers also depict the disregard for human life when they shoot two German soldiers who had surrendered. The theme of manhood comes out from the fact that men at war show maturity and experience. During the war, most of the soldiers learned the difference between running way from war and facing their enemies.  

The one thing that the film overlooked was the use of foul language. The soldiers used the ‘f and s’ words a number of times. A clear example was the situation where the soldiers reminisce about their sexual exploitations back in their homes. An obvious example is the fact that a young soldier recalls his sexual encounters in his father's barn with a schoolgirl he describes as ugly. The movie shows scenes of extreme brutality; an example is a situation where one soldier hits their enemies with his gun after the death of one of his platoon members. I find the brutal scenes unnecessary and feel that the directors would have omitted such parts.  In the same manner, the film only focuses on the US soldiers and does not show much about their opponents. The absence of the Germans gives the viewers the notion that the US soldier may have been stronger or more prominent in the war.

In conclusion, the movie titled Saving Private Ryan is an entertaining war movie not only narrates the story of the war but also educates people about the effects of warfare. The film has various themes such as manhood, courage and disregard for human life among other. Throughout the movie, the viewers are entertained because the actors make the war scenes look realistic.